Thursday, 31 May 2012


WRETCHED OF THE EARTH – S/T Demo Tape Self described as anti-colonial D-beat. Portland’s WRETCHED OF THE EARTH named after the book “The Wretched of the Earth” by Franz Fanon deliver a six track demo tape of enraged hardcore crust punk. Formed by current and ex members of A//POLITICAL, SQUALORA,  MACHINE GUN CONGRESS, DETERRORFORMED and WEEKEND WARRIOR, WRETCHED OF THE EARTH play a powerful mix of hardcore epic punk with a D-beat and metal crust influence which at times sound pretty dark while still having some interesting melodies and acoustic breaks throughout. The vocals fall somewhere between guttural and screaming and sound fucking great keeping it interesting with a dual male and occasional female vocal attack. What really impressed me about this demo is the twenty page lyric booklet that accompanies the tape. The lyrics and explanations are very well written and articulate focusing on anti capitalist and anti imperialist issues as well as referencing Franz Fanon book written in 1961 regarding the Algerian struggle for independence from colonial rule. This is a really strong release both musically and lyrically from WRETCHED OF THE EARTH. Highly recommended for fans of dark anarcho crust. Yellow Dog Records are planning to release 300 limited copies of the demo on coloured vinyl with screen printed covers anytime soon. ( or email

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