Tuesday 1 May 2012

V/A - 4 Way For Destruction Vol 2 CD

V/A – 4 Way For Destruction Vol 2 CD Brazil meets Japan on this four way split between Brazil’s DEATH FROM ABOVE and UNFIT SCUM and Japan’s DARGE and DISGUST. Musically this split is pretty diverse ranging from traditional D-beat raw punk to metallic grind crust. Japan’s metal crust punks DARGE start the split with some fast grinding metal crust. Self described as “evil raw thrash metallic crust hardcore punk” DARGE have gone towards a much more metal sounding direction since I last heard them on their 2009 “Desespero” 7” while still maintaining a crust hardcore punk sound there is a strong metal thrash influence now. DISGUST are next and play a much more darker and heavier style of crust to DARGE and while also having some metal and grind elements DISGUST lean much more towards a grinding brutal crust sound than say thrash metal. D-beat maniacs DEATH FROM ABOVE are first up for Brazil’s contribution playing some classic DISCHARGE and ANTI CIMEX inspired D-beat raw punk. I fucking love DEATH FROM ABOVE and their style of straight up raw D-beat punk make them one of my favourite Brazilian D-beat bands around at the moment. Sao Paulo’s raw punks UNFIT SCUM close the split with some early eighties influenced Scandi hardcore punk. Totally fucking raw and chaotic reminding me of Scandinavian greats like BOMBANFALL, ANTI CIMEX, SVART PARAD, ASOCIAL etc. Fucking amazing stuff from UNFIT SCUM and without a doubt the high point on this 4 way split. Co-released by Karasu Killer Records in Japan and Two Beers Or Not Two Beers Records from Brazil. (Karasu Killer Records c/o karasukiller@karasukiller.com www.karasukiller.com or Two Beers Or Not Two Beers Records c/o wander.segundo@hotmail.com http://tbontbrec.blogspot.com).

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