Tuesday 1 May 2012


DEATH FROM ABOVE - 4 Trax EP Brazil's D-beat maniacs DEATH FROM ABOVE have been playing straight up no bullshit D-beat raw punk since early 2006. This new 4 trax EP released on the excellent Bombs Away Records is the bands first time on vinyl and as you would expect there's some serious fucking DISCHARGE worship going on here even covering DISCHARGE's "War Is No Fairytale". DEATH FROM ABOVE are a band who wear their influences with pride with inspiration drawn not only from DISCHARGE but from bands like ANTI CIMEX, DISCARD and DISASTER. No lyrics included but with song titles like "Game Of The Arseholes" and "Bloody Streets" there's no mistaking what DEATH FROM ABOVE are singing about. It's been a long but well worth wait to finally see DEATH FROM ABOVE on vinyl. A total fucking D-beat inferno from start to finnish. Limited to only 300 copies. (Bombs Away Records c/p Jorgen Eng, Brannklokkevn 27 A, 8622 Mo i Rana, Norway. www.bombsawayrecords.org bombsawayrecords@gmail.com).

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