Wednesday 22 October 2014


INSIDIOUS PROCESS - S/T LP After 2011's excellent split LP release with fellow Swedish crusties AVFART 33 Gothenburg's INSIDIOUS PROCESS are back with ten new crust anthems on this debut full length album released in conjuction with Aborted Society in the US and Not Enough Records in Europe. I was really impressed with their previous split with AVFART 33 and always thought they were the better of the two bands but this new album is fucking something else entirely. INSIDIOUS PROCESS have progressed so much since that first release. This instantly sounds so much stronger with better song structures and a much more heavy and powerful sound production which was recorded by Mattias at Studio Bengt. Guitars sound thick with fresh and interesting riffs set against a pounding solid as fuck rhythm section. The vocals is what really makes this band stand out from the rest for me. Totally fucking frantic female vocals screamed with so much ferocity and urgency. INSIDIOUS PROCESS are playing some of the finest metallic d-beat crust thats out there right now. Fully charged with both anger and emotion making the album a very inspiring and brutal release. Highly recommended. (Not Enough Records c/o or email