Tuesday 15 November 2011

VARAUS SS - 2003-2007 (RIP) 10"

VARAUS SS – 2003-2007 (RIP) 10” I couldn’t wait to get my fucking hands on this 10” from Japan’s Finnish punk fanatics VARAUS SS. This is totally raw and stripped down Scandinavian inspired Japanese hardcore punk that pays some major fucking homage to Finnish legends like RIISTETYT, KAAOS, BASTARDS and of course the obvious VARAUS. Out an out Finnish raw punk worship going on here in that obsessive Japanese tradition of bands like POIKKEUS and LAUKAUS. VARAUS SS existed from 2003 to 2007 and only released three demos with this 10” compiling songs from the bands first two demos and their entire unreleased third demo which includes a cover of the SHITLICKERS classic “Warsystem”. Songs like “Vapas” and “Vakivaltaa” from their third demo are fucking full blown eighties Scandi raw shit that wouldn’t sound out of place on say the “Russia Bombs Finland” and “Propaganda” compilations.  There’s also some unreleased live takes at the end of each side which capture the band in all there drunken and chaotic raw punk splendour. VARAUS SS were fucking raw as hell perfectly encapsulating both the classic early eighties Scandi punk sound with the intensity and ferocity of Japanese hardcore. Fucking amazing stuff. This is a split label release between Konton Crasher in the US and Narm Discos from Japan. Only 600 copies were pressed, 200 with black covers, 200 with pink covers and 200 with red covers. Comes also with stickers and two badges. Not surprisingly this is now sold out from the labels but limited copies are still available from some DIY distros. (Konton Crasher c/o http://www.kontoncrasher.blogspot.com/ or Narm Discos c/o http://www.narmdiscos.com/).  

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