Thursday 24 November 2011

CONTORT - Endless Myopic Bastards Tape

CONTORT – Endless Myopic Bastards Tape After been blown away by their performance at this years Means To An End festival I was really looking forward to hearing this second tape release from Dublin’s finest crasher noise fuckers CONTORT. Much like their debut release “An Island Of Noise In An Island Of Silence” this is an overwhelming assault of ear molesting raw noise punk. The Japanese influence of bands like GAI and CONFUSE is very much apparent in CONTORT’s sound. Totally fuzzed out guitar distortion with rumbling bass and hammered to fuck drums. The reverbed vocals sound fucking great reminding me of “Perdition” era DISORDER but at the same time having a very dark and at times atmospheric feel to them. Nine songs in just under seventeen minutes with the songs “Death Dealing Breath Of The Gods” and “Black Dog” been my personal favourites from this awesome tape. I fucking love CONTORT.  “Distorted For Life – Contorted Til Death”. Limited to only 300 copies on green cassette and comes packaged in a great looking plastic box with a double sided fold out lyric insert and secured with a screen printed wrap around. (Distro-Y Records c/o or Headwrecker Records c/o

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