Monday 19 May 2014

CRUTCHES - Lurad 12"

CRUTCHES - Lurad 12" The D-beat tsunami continues... Malmo's A//E political D-beat punks CRUTCHES follow-up 2012's excellent "D-beat Tsunami" EP with this new 10 track debut 12" of relentless fucking D-takt rage. Formed from the ashes of anarcho crusties PROJECT HOPELESS, CRUTCHES influences are firmly rooted in both the classic early Scandi raw punk sound of bands like ANTI CIMEX and the more current Swedish D-takt style of bands like WARVICTIMS, PARANOID and INFERNOH. A Japanese crasher raw punk influence is also very much present in CRUTCHES sound with the songs "Down The Drain" and "Arbetarhavel" reminding me of later sounding FRAMTID and KREIGSHOG. CRUTCHES play full fucking throttle and pissed off D-takt raw punk from start to finish. Totally frantic and blown out guitar riffs, harshly shouted vocals and fast pounding d-beats. This is Scandinavian hardcore punk at it's finest complemented perfectly with some awesome sleeve fartwork from Stiv of War. 500 copies pressed with 400 on black and 100 on white co-released by Not Enough, Distroy, Phobia and Rawmantic Disasters Records. This is a very solid release from CRUTCHES that's fast becoming a permanent fixture to my turntable. Fucking top quality Swedish D-beat. (Not Enough Records c/o or email

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