Tuesday 9 October 2012

Distortion Faith #2

Distortion Faith #2 An international punk and hardcore lifestyle fanzine from Sweden. This second issue put together by Krogh of Blindead Productions, Kåren from Smrt Records and Jocke of D-takt & Råpunk Records includes well conducted interviews with punk artist Crash Mange, Ăke from MOB 47 and DESPERAT, Malmo hardcore punks SVART STÄDHJÄLP, Ăke’s new “Total Mangel Attack!” band KORSFÄST and punk radio station Annihilation Radio. There’s also a great tour diary report from MASSGRAV on their trip to play Czech Republic’s “Play Fast Or Don’t 9”, a really enjoyable column by Krogh called “Fast & Loud” which talks about demo and compilation tapes plus some more additional editorials, writings and ads. Twenty four pages in total of well written DIY hardcore punk presented with good looking layouts and a full colour cover by featured artist Crash Mange. This second issue continues the high standard they set with their debut issue. Looking forward to reading many more issues of Distortion Faith.  (Distortion Faith c/o distortionfaith@gmail.com or dbeatrawpunk@gmail.com).

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