Saturday 7 July 2012

FEAR OF EXTINCTION - Winter Extinction 2012 Tour EP

FEAR OF EXTINCTION – Winter Extinction 2012 Tour EP Prague D-beaters FEAR OF EXTINCTION have been a firm favourite of mine since first hearing their debut EP. This latest release recorded at the same session as their debut EP is a limited 150 copies pressed EP that was released for the bands “Winter Extinction European 2012 Tour”. FEAR OF EXTINCTION play fucking raw DIS-crust punk and draw their influence from the fucking best… “Raped Ass” and “Victims of a Bombraid” era ANTI CIMEX, CRUDE SS and of course early DISCHARGE. Four songs of high quality and no bullshit D-beat raw crust punk. Guitars are rough and distorted, drums hard and driving and vocals fucked off and angry and like their debut EP the recording sounds amazing, totally fucking raw and dirty while still maintaining plenty of power and intensity. FEAR OF EXTINCTION are a great band and I can’t fucking wait for their full length 12”, rumoured for release later next year. Co-released by Phobia Records and Riotstarter Records. (Phobia Records c/o / Riotstarter Records c/o / FEAR OF EXTINCTION c/o or   

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