Wednesday 26 October 2011


FEAR OF EXTINCTION - S/T EP After a demo release in 2010 Prague's d-beat raw punks FEAR OF EXTINCTION return with a full length debut 7". Six songs of dirty as fuck raw d-beat crust that's both heavily inspired by early DISCHARGE and the classic Scandi d-beat sound of bands like MEANWHILE, DISFEAR and AVSKUM while still having that raw energy of early Swedish punk bands like CRUDE SS and ANTI CIMEX. This sounds fucking amazing, really filthy and raw sounding dis-crust with raging distorted guitar riffage, heavy pounding drums and pissed off angry vocals from Phobia Records frontman Mirek. Minimalist black and white sleeve artwork and songs about war and genocide only add to the whole bleakness and desperation of FEAR OF EXTINCTION. I fucking love this band and I'm so impressed with this debut 7". Can't wait to hear what this band does next, I can only hope for a full length album. Released as a one time press of only 500 copies by Phobia Records, ABC Distro and Riotstarter Records. (Phobia Records c/o / Riotstarter Records c/o / FEAR OF EXTINCTION c/o or ).  

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