Tuesday 9 October 2012

PARANOID - Hardcore Addict Tape

PARANOID – Hardcore Addict Tape Fucking killer debut demo from new Swedish raw punk mangel band PARANOID. Clocking in at just under 10 minutes PARANOID fucking tear through six tracks of classic Swedish käng punk. They have both a modern and fresh feel to their sound while still paying some serious fucking homage to their early eighties Scandi raw punk roots. PARANOID sound perfect on this demo - totally frantic and out of control d-beat raw fucking punk. The highlights for me are the songs “To Whom It May Concern” and “Shitstorm” which are total fucking top-notch MOB 47 inspired driving hardcore. The recording of the demo is just right sounding both raw and dirty while loosing none of its power and intensity. This is yet another band to feature Jocke D-takt from DESPERAT, ELECTRIC FUNERAL, BROTTSKOD 11 etc, not mention other band members from MOB 47, BROTTSKOD 11 and THRASHERS. The packaging looks great with a minimalist black and white skeleton in a studded leather jacket on the sleeve and a bright red tape with a day-glo yellow label. Only 150 copies pressed and already sold out on the D-takt & Rapunk sub tape label Distort The World. A fucking modern day raw punk mangel masterpiece. Hunt this fucker down. (D-takt & Räpunk / Distort the World c/o dbeatrawpunk@gmail.com).

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