Thursday 30 August 2012


V/A – DISCHARGE Tributo CD “Brazilian Noise Not Music!!!” A compilation of Brazilian bands paying tribute to possibly the most influential punk band ever DISCHARGE. Compiled and organized by the one man DIS army Fofäo Discrust from BESTHÖVEN. This is includes 27 bands of varied musical styles from punk, crust, metal and hardcore all paying their own DIS-noise not music tribute to the d-beat masters. Bands include LOBOTOMIA, DESASTRE, CHAKA, SKARNIO, DEATH FROM ABOVE, BESTHÖVEN, DISARM, NUCLEAR FRÖST, SCUM NOISE, ACAO DIRETA  and many more, not forgetting a couple of my personal favourites worthy of a mention UNFIT SCUM covering “Always Restrictions” and D-ECREASING LIFE playing their “Ultra Noise DIS-bones Crust Inferno” with a superb cover of “Maimed and Slaughtered” . The compilation comes packaged in a great looking gatefold digi-pack sleeve with a foldout poster with old and rare DISCHARGE photos, band graphics and contact information, plus an interview conducted by Fofäo with Rat and Bones from DISCHARGE. Co-released by six different Brazilian DIY labels – Two Beers or not Two Beers, Massive Records, Terrötten Records, Ultra Violence, Bombardeio Distro and Moribundo Records. This is a total fucking Brazilian DIS-attack from start to finish. The DIS-nightmare continues… (Two Beers or not Two Beers c/o or Terrötten Records c/o  

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