Monday, 2 July 2012


BROTTSKOD 11 – S/T EP Fucking yes!!! The debut 7” from Östersund’s zombie crust punks BROTTSKOD 11. Following on from last years excellent “Levande Döda” demo these Swedish living dead punks serve up four new pissed off songs of fucking raw kang crust. BROTTSKOD 11 have a definite nineties Scandi crustcore vibe going on bringing to mind “Profithysteri” and “Ondskans Ansikte” era SKITSYSTEM but at the same time reminding me of more current Swedish D-beat crust bands like DÖDSDÖMD, KONTROVERS and WARVICTIMS.  BROTTSKOD 11 play some fucking high quality crust with memorable guitar riffs and threefold fucking raw and forceful vocal delivery. Head and shoulders above most bands of this genre and comes as no surprise to find Jocke D-takt on bass from such recognizable D-beat hardcore punk bands as WARVICTIMS, ELECTRIC FUNERAL and DESPERAT. This is some seriously fucking good shit from BROTTSKOD 11. Released on the excellent Czech label Phobia Records as a one time press of 500 copies with a limited edition of 54 copies that have a screen printed hand numbered cover and come with a badge and a patch.  (Phobia Records c/o or email

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